giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Sheep for wargamers by Luisa...

Luisa has updated our small online shop at with a new bunch of t-shirts
and gadgets for wargamers and miniature gamers. 
Sheep for wargamers!
However you can also check the other Luisa' s designs...

Fog' s Soldiers Pink Emporium by Luisa

Luisa ha aggiornato il nostro piccolo shop online in
con un nuovo gruppo di t-shirts e gadgets per wargamers e miniature gamers.
Pecore per wargamers!
Ad ogni modo potete anche guardare gl altri disegni di Luisa...

Happy Wargaming to All!

4 commenti:

  1. I think a t-shirt or a mug for the spouses would be a good idea. Something to convey their long-suffering patience and tolerance for the enormous amount of money we all spend on our hobby.

  2. Nice post...and nice blog too!