lunedì 23 luglio 2012

A Spanish Napoleonic, metal 28mm, a painting guide by our Cioporerporter, Part II

Second part for our single Spanish Napoleonic!
This time the white uniform and the black hat.

Part I, a mix of miniatures...

Seconda parte per il nostro spagnolo napoleonico!
Ora tocca al bianco dell' uniforme ed al bicorno nero.

White primer and light grey washing.

Sopra il bianco un washing di grigio chiaro.

First titanium white drybrush.

Primo drybrush con bianco titanio.

Dark grey base colour for the bicorne.

Per il bicorno una base di colore grigio scuro.

Second white drybrush for the uniform and light grey highlight for the bicorne.

Secondo drybrush bianco per l' uniforme e highlight grigio chiaro per il bicorno.

Dark washing for the bicorne. Background of  "Palio di Siena" horses...

Washing scuro per il bicorno. Sullo sfondo cavalli per il "Palio di Siena"...

Happy Wargaming to All!

5 commenti:

  1. This is coming along nicely. And I always appreciate a good tutorial as I get to learn something new from you experienced painters.

  2. Nice work!! Just to let you know, I've not received the 7YW figure I won on your post :0(

    1. Tank you Ray :-)...and I know you haven' t still received your SYW miniature...Only the last weekend I was able to prepare the three small packets and I' ll send this week.
      The organization of MiliSaona, our convention,, commission works and other things paid their toll...;-)


  3. Thanks Marzio, I thought it was lost in the post.