sabato 7 luglio 2012

ECW cavalry, plastic 28mm. A painting guide by our Cioporeporter, Part III

Third , and last, part for our ECW 28mm cavalry unit.
Final steps and basing.

Part II

Part I

Terza ed ultima parte per la nostra unità di cavalleria della Guerra Civile Inglese.
Fasi finali ed imbasettamento.


Final drybrush and highlighting for horsemen and their horses.

Drybrush finale ed highlighting per cavalli e cavalieri.




Highlight the black leather with a dark grey .

Highlight con grigio scuro il cuoio nero.

Glueing to the 6cm x 6cm bases.

Incollaggio alle basi da 6cm x 6cm.

Modelling the ground with acrylic filler.

Modelliamo il terreno con pasta acrilica.

The unit ready to fight and our Cioporeporter...

L' unità pronta all' azione ed il nostro Cioporeporter...

And now some close-ups of our miniatures...

Ed ora alcuni particolari delle nostre miniature...

Happy Wargaming to All!

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    1. Thank you Ray. Now I have to paint some infantry...;-)


  2. I've gone back through a lot of your posts and must say that there is some great painting done here and an eclectic bunch of figures.

    The horses on these are particularly nice and I like the way you've photographed them.

    1. Thank you Anne and welcome to our blog!
      Thanks for your compliments and to say the truth the more eclectic miniatures are painted by Luisa...;-) and the more traditional by me...

      Happy painting.