venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

A wargaming day with Pz8 and Warfare in the Age of Reason rules...

Here are some pics of our latest wargaming day in Genoa ;-)

We played 5 games using the Pz8 rules, in this case the WWI version, Belleau Wood scenario
and a game with Warfare in the Age of Reason, the battle of Quebec.

Really a good time!

Belleau Wood scenario with Pendraken 10mm.
Lacking of trenches we used stone walls and fences instead...

Our Cioporeporter and the US troops advancing...

and the German stronghold...

Thinking gamers...

Our Cioporeporter and the French line advancing...

The members of the Wargame Club Garibaldi, Genoa :-)

And Happy Wargaming to All!

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  1. Lots of space for 10mm soldiers to do what soldiers do best: Die for the land. Looks like you all had fun!

    1. You' re right Jay, really a good time ;-)


  2. Risposte
    1. ;-)

      hoping to replicate it as soon as possible...maybe with Pz8 ACW variant rules :-)


  3. Great looking game! I've been thinking making my battlefield the same way you guys have (with foam squares). I can't decide, though, whether to make up special squares in which I've dug trenches; it would look nice, but would also be a lot of work. Also, how many WWI games am I going to want to play? Of course, the fact that you guys played 5 in 1 day says a lot about the worthiness of the rules!

    Best regards,