sabato 26 gennaio 2013

She...a hussar...

Posting with our 7" tablet...our desktop needs a new motherboard...Among painting commissions and
a complicated life a nice miniature for a friend of us...a hussar..woman...we' ll paint her boots black leather but the uniform? Please write in the comments your preferred colour ;-)

TMP link

8 commenti:

  1. Ah you have acquired a copy of Lysette! Did you pick up a copy of Louie to go with her? I would sift through this site for French Hussar Uniforms:

  2. Beautiful fig to paint. Enjoy!!

  3. I reckon purple jacket with gold trim ...and mustard yellow trousers,(has she got trousers on?) hat black with gold and silver trim.

  4. Chasseurs de la Garde is the only option. Cherry red unmentionables :)

  5. What a wonderful miniature! What scale or make is she?

  6. She's 28mm from foot to eye. And can be found here:

  7. Thanks to all :-)

    I decided for a Murat' s uniform...asap the painting of our "hussarette" ;-)

    @Paul...purple really tempted me