lunedì 7 gennaio 2013

No miniatures today, only landscapes...and a fossil...

No miniatures in this post...
only some beautiful landscapes, Cioporeporter, Mukky...and a fossil...

The 4th of January I partecipate in a "geological excursion" at Punta Licosa,
more or less 100km from Naples.
Here are some pictures of the day for your curiosity.
Other pics will follow of the Royal Palace and of the National Museum...stay tuned ;-)

 Mukky and Cioporeporter ready to go...

Cat checking our equipment...

Punta Licosa landscapes...

And the fossil, a fossil imprint of an echinoderm...the circles under the ruler...

Another landscape...and as usual...Happy Wargaming to All!

6 commenti:

  1. What a nice landscape, and the cat, just love cats


  2. Just gorgeous and I wish I was there rather than here! My kitty Fang is sitting here beside me while I write this. She's the best owner a human could have!

    1. Still a few days and I' ll back at home and at the workshop...

      Luckily there are many High Speed Trains, TGV, and many special offers to take advantage of... ;-)

  3. You are making me want to take a long vacation!

    1. :-) :-) :-)

      You can take a small vacation then, dont' you? ;-)