lunedì 4 novembre 2013

Remembrance and Italian Armed Forces Day...and Caesarian Romans

The 4th of November is the Remembrance Day and the Italian Armed Forces Day.
It was the Victory in the WWI since Austria-Hungary surrendered the 4th.

Italy entered the Great War in 1915 against the Central Empires.

Italian units fought, other than Italy, on the Western Front, Balkans, Middle East and Far East.

4.000.000 fought, 600.000 died, 1.500.000 were wounded...

And now something about our 28mm Caesarian Romans,
the third part of our painting guide...

Five miniature for an Impetus base...OK!

Completed shields, silver drybrush for armour,
first two layers for the wood grain and washing for the helmet...

 dark washing for scabbards and belts...

 Happy Wargaming to All!

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