martedì 27 agosto 2013

WIP Part V Hell Dorado von Holbein and finished Yorkist infantry.

Part V of our WIP for Georg von Holbein...this time the red cloak.
Same painting steps of the horse caparison, you' ll find them in Part IV,
and some pics of the finished and based 28mm Yorkist infantry.
Two bases of billmen and one of skirmishers... :-)

Von Holbein' s cloak...
 Base colour, red, with dark washing...

 Some highlights with pure red...

 Highlights with a mix of red and daffodil yellow...

And the Yorkist infantry...

...and a bonus pic...a Brunette... :-)

Happy Wargaming to All!

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  1. Very nice my brunette loving friend. I just sent you a PM on FB.

    1. Thank you my sweet Anne :-) and PM received. By the way I received today my Amazon...


  2. Super nice figures! The painting is very good too.

    1. Thank you Jay, Brunette is very well painted... :-p

      Marzio "Foggy" :-)