venerdì 21 giugno 2013

Hell Dorado Princess WIP and my new Loco... :-)

I have started to paint the Hell Dorado princess and her minions, 
so here are two WIP pics...Sorry but my camera said goodbye and I used my phone... :-(

White primed...

 Grey horse and base colours for skin tones and bags...

And now my new 1/87 scale loco, a GP40-2 #2500, Kansas City Southern de Mexico...

And some pics of the real one... ;-)

Happy Wargaming...and All!


10 commenti:

  1. Nice, Foggy. In my MRR days an Athearn GP-9 was the favorite locomotive on my pike.

    1. Your MRR days? Interesting... :-)

      I like GP-9 too and also F7. By the way...I have to upgrade my UP F7... ;-)

      Marzio "Foggy"

  2. Trains have always been my passion: beautiful locomotive!

  3. Vedo che utilizzi spesso per le miniature, con risultati eccezionali, la mano di fondo bianca invece di quella classica nera. Secondo te, questo metodo potrebbe essere conveniente anche per miniature in 10mm ?
    Ciao e grazie Alessandro

  4. Those HellDorado minis look nice, but I think they may be a bit too large to fit in with my Perry Saracens.

    Any chance of a scale comparison pic with a Perry or a Hasslefree mini? Would really appreciate that.

  5. You' re right Alcidas, Hell Dorado minis are really nice. I don' t have any Saracen miniatures from the Perry range.
    I can compare my princess, and my other Hell Dorado miniatures, with the plastic WotR Perry range. They are at least 30/32mm, Gilles de Rais is a 40mm.

    Marzio :-)