mercoledì 22 maggio 2013

Wood grain painting guide...and pimping another nice blog prize draw...

Our latest posts about our 28mm War of the Roses miniatures
stimulate some wargamers to ask "how can I paint that wood grain effect on
spears, bills and longbows?"
So, this is a short painting guide on how to paint a nice "wood grain"
effect for spears, bows, pikes... ;-)

First of all white primer for your miniatures...

Then paint the spear with burnt umber...

 Irregularly paint with a medium this case light grey brown...

Again...irregularly paint with a honey colour...

Last step...amber light or yellow ochre...

And now...pimping a nice blog and a prize draw!

for his birthday...and for his 100 followers...
So a great Happy Birthday and his blog. You' ll enjoy it :-)

And Happy Wargaming to All!

8 commenti:

  1. That's quite well done, good work sir.

  2. Great work. Thanks. Sort of like painting cammo on clothing? I will use this technique in the near future, Foggy.

    1. Similar but non equal. For cammo on clothing I use some washes too. I' ll have to post a " Foggy painting guide" about this topic... ;-)


  3. Very nice work, love the spears!