lunedì 25 marzo 2013

New Cioporeporter' s painting guide, 28mm plastic War of the Roses...Part I

Our Cioporeporter decided to start a new army based for Impetus rules,
and obviously for DBA with larger bases... ;-)
One year ago we bought two boxes of the War of the Roses infantry by Perry miniatures,
so here' s the chosen army...
But which side first?
Cioporeporter decided for a retinue of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, Lancastrian.
For your curiosity here' s the first part of our painting guide...enjoy :-)

How to assemble our retinue?


White primed...

First base colours for armours and jerkins...

Washings and highlights ...

Base colours for trousers...

In part II the final touches for our Men at Arms and billmen...

Happy Wargaming and Life to All!

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  1. These boys are coming along nicely.

    I know this is off topic, but as we both are bird lovers I think it's okay. I am sorely missing my birds right now. Not many stay in this region for Winter. Currently I'm waiting for the return of the local Woodpecker and for my Owls to start building their nest. Ooooh and I now have two breeding pair on the property and I am hoping the second pair build in the same place this year.

    1. Off topic? I don' t think so ;-)
      To say the truth I' m missing too my robins, yellow tits and sparrows. At present I' m again in Naples until late April but I filled several pots of food for them...and my sister has five cats... Last summer some eaters arrived near my home and they were really colourful. I hope they come back this summer too. But they' re very difficult to photograph...
      However some bird pics will follow...


  2. Looking very, very nice Marzio!

  3. A good start - I'll keep checking back for progress.