giovedì 8 novembre 2012

WWI German tank, A7V, Part II

Last part for our 10mm A7V for the Kaiser' s infantry.
After the camouflage we used a small amount of dark washing, handpainted
the national insignias and as final touch a light cream drybrush.
Obviously final matt varnish... ;-)

Part I

Ultima parte per il nostro A7V in 10mm per la fanteria del Kaiser.
Dopo la mimetizzazione abbiamo usato un po' di washing scuro e poi abbiamo dipinto le insegne di nazionalità. Come tocco finale un drybrush con del crema chiaro.
Ovviamente vernice protettiva opaca... ;-)

The A7V profile and the Pendraken model...

 Il profilo dell' A7V ed il modello Pendraken...

Four views...

 Le quattro viste...

The model on the battleground...

 Il modello sul campo di battaglia...

Some "in action" pics...

 Alcune foto "in action"...

Happy Wargaming to All!

4 commenti:

  1. Brilliant! It looks perfect. I've built that model myself and it's not that straightforward to paint - you'll done a great job!

    1. Thank you Sid :-) In effect the camouflage for the A7V is a complicated one...and I don't like the "grey only" scheme...luckily my german army needs only one tank ;-) for the Pz8 rules. But there will be some problems with the next three camouflaged FT-17 :-)


  2. It's all those washes at the end steps that really bring your work together. I'm loving that skull and crossbones on the front of that tank!

    1. Thank you Anne. It' s always the final step that brings "to life" a miniature. I painted so many miniatures in so many years but this "last step" always wonders me ;-)

      The name of this A7V was Faust and "his" serial number 503... skull and crossbones were "his" distinctive signs. It was scrapped in 1918. :-)