sabato 16 novembre 2013

10mm WWI FT-17, Part II...

Second part of our painting guide for our WWI French FT-17 platoon...

With these French tanks I completed the two forces for the scenario of  "Le Matz" from
the Pz8 rules and we' ll test as soon as possible at the wargame club :-)

Here are some words about this battle from 

"The Noyon-Montdidier Offensive known in the German plan by its code-name of “Operation Gneisenau” (9th - 13th June 1918). Also known as the Battle of Matz it was the fourth German offensive launched in 1918. The German plan was to push the German Front Line westwards in the sector between two salients; the northern salient had been formed from the fighting towards Amiens and the southern one at the end of the previous German offensive in the Aisne sector. If the Germans could make progress in the centre sector here, the indented Front Line of the bulge between these two salients could be straightened out. Although the Germans made progress on the first day, the French organized a counter-attack on 11th June. Three French and two American divisions were supported by tanks. 
Two days later the Germans halted their offensive."

And now some pics...

After a small amount of drybrush with light sand I painted the tracks silver.
Then a black washing for the tracks and tail markings for each FT-17...

Here are some "in action" pics of this FT-17 platoon holding a badly damaged village...

Happy Wargaming to All!

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  1. Nice camouflage. They are ready to take to the table battlefield, to smite the enemy.

    1. You' re right Jay... :-)

      They' re nice and tough...

      Marzio "Foggy"