venerdì 7 giugno 2013

A nice wargaming day with Fire&Fury and Pz8 rules...

Yesterday, June 6, at the Garibaldi Wargame Club in Genoa,
there was a small wargaming day but no WWII...Some club members played a big ACW
battle with F&F rules and 10mm miniatures and the final result was a Confederate victory.

I played four small games using the Pz8 wargame rules with two other members,
two using the 1st draft of the Pz8 1848-90 rules and simulating the battle of Perryville, 
again two Confederate victories, and two Belleau Wood scenario using Pz8 WWI rules and 
this time with two German victories. For the WWI rules we used the latest amendments.

Here are two pics taken with my phone...

 Fire and Fury battle...

 Some of the club members...

And Happy Wargaming to All!


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